The 'Fader Plugs' Let You Customize the Functionality

 - Nov 22, 2017
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
The 'Fader Plugs' have been designed to offer users the ability to customize their functionality in a mechanical manner to ensure they suit individual needs perfectly. Capable of being opened or closed, the ear plugs let you customize the amount of sound that will reach your ears to ensure you don't have to constantly put them on and take them off.

The 'Fader Plugs' work like a fader on a board by allowing wearers to simply turn the dial to adjust the amount of sound that enters your ear canal, while the subtle design keep them hidden in your ear. As consumers become more focused on methods of blocking out unwanted sound, we'll likely continue to see more solutions that offer a customizable functionality like the ear plugs seen here.