Faces in Things Catalogs the Faces We See in Random Objects

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: twitter & incrediblethings
Faces in Things is a rather unusual page. The Twitter account is dedicated to blogging pictures from around the the world of inanimate objects that appear to have faces. From a smiling bench to a terrified-looking bottle opener, the pictures are quite funny and delightful to look at. There are houses, faucets, bricks, drains and even flowers with odd monkey face designs. Any object you can imagine has be placed on Faces in Things at least once.

Randomly seeing faces in inanimate objects is not a new phenomenon, but this Twitter page serves as a great medium for individuals to share their pictures and stories and otherwise have a good laugh with each other. Faces and Things is a great place to go for unusual, but amusing laughs when you need them.