Noxzema's Face Sonic Beauty Wand Exfoliates and Removes Facial Hair

 - Sep 27, 2018
References: amazon & noxzema
The Face Sonic Beauty Wand by Noxzema is constructed to gently remove thin facial hair while exfoliating the face with sonic waves. This process rids the skin of any dead skin cells and dirt in order to reveal a more even skin tone and softer texture. The dermaplaning tool assists in preventing any breakouts from happening as the peach fuzz hair can hold bacteria -- by removing it, it cleanses the facial surface as well. It is designed to remove hair across the hairline, upper lip, cheeks, and chin.

In addition to the hair removal, the sonic waves exfoliate the skin at 100 waves per second to gently get deeper in the follicles. This technique reduces any fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in softer skin and more even tones -- this also enables a seamless makeup application process.