Turn Vintage Fabric Designs into Plump Pumpkins with This Fun DIY Guide

These retro fabric pumpkins are a wonderfully crafty alternative to the more traditional pumpkin carvings you would find on Halloween.

While purchasing a plump orange pumpkin is often one of the most nostalgic parts about celebrating Halloween, why not add some retro features to the tradition and create pumpkin-shaped products that are hand-stitched yourself. Offering arts and crafts individuals a brand new way to celebrate Halloween, these fabric pumpkins are serving to revolutionize typical decorations in a whole new way. Simply requiring a few retro or vintage pieces of fabric and some sewing material, these pretty pumpkin designs can be easily hand-sewn in a short amount of time.

Featured on the site 'Cottage Industry Shop,' this DIY project is a unique way to add some retro appeal to an otherwise eerie and dark holiday.