Grand Prix Singapore September 2008

 - Dec 14, 2007
References: f1singapore & motoring.reuters
Formula One will be hosting its first ever night race in Singapore next September. It will take place on a 5 km street circuit which will "offer multiple over-taking opportunities and fast, challenging turns," according to Reuters.

Despite the blackness of night, speeds are anticipated to make their way up near 300 km/h.

"Lighting specialists have also been called in to help provide optimal visibility for conditions," Reuters said. "A state of the art system using lighting projectors has been specially designed to avoid glare and minimise reflections from wet surfaces and spray. "

In May 2006 I was lucky enough to go to the Monaco Grand Prix which was absolutely incredible. The adrenal high watching was unlike any other I have had watching professional sports, and the sound of the cars threatened to deafen without earplugs. A race like this at night would be a thrilling ride for both racers and spectators, but surely a nightmare for nearby residents not watching the event.

This event will definitely be one to TiVo.

Check out the video for an aerial route of the Singapore Grand Prix track.