Before and After Pictures Show Celebs Are Human

 - Mar 6, 2009
References: entertainmentwise
Repackaging celebrities via ridiculous doses of airbrush and excessive digital manipulation is a subject that we have covered on many, many occasions at Trend Hunter. With this in mind, let’s bring up the subject once more.

It is universally known that celebrities get a complete overhaul on publications, prints ads, album covers, and promotional materials. It is also known that, as a result of the widespread nature of this practice, Photoshopping A-listers to make them look like the picture of perfection (no pun intended) has become a controversial issue in some quarters.

Subsequently, it is somewhat gratifying for many to see celebs on before and after Photoshop pictures like the ones we have in the gallery above. Those images, for some of us, are reminders that the perfectly gorgeous people we see on the glossies are, sometimes, just like the rest of us. 

As a side note to conclude this post, I want to direct your attention to the last image in the gallery. Believe it or not, that is a before and after of Victoria Beckham. I will say no more.