JuNiki is Touted as "the World's Most Expensive Drinking Bottle"

 - Dec 18, 2018
References: junikis & prnewswire
As many people are looking to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic, many are turning to sleek, reusable bottles—and JuNiki is a German start-up that prides itself on offering a competitive new luxury product that's touted as "the world's most expensive drinking bottle."

JuNiki's Double Neck bottle design acknowledges that most water bottle designs are beneficial for the environment but impractical for daily use. To remedy this, the water bottle design boasts a patent-pending cap with two mouths, which includes one wide and one narrow size, ideal for filling the bottle at small faucets and coolers and comfortably drinking without spilling.

The 64-ounce flask version of the high-end water bottle from JuNiki comes in at about $150 and is tailored more for indoor than outdoor use. As JuNiki founder and CEO Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck describes, "we don't expect the people to use these wonderful flasks for rough outdoor activities; they are more intended to be used at the festive table—for serving cold drinks like a strawberry limes cocktail to their friends and family."