Expense App TravelBank Rewards Traveling Employees for Being Frugal

 - Dec 7, 2016
References: travelbank & springwise
This expense app provides an incentive for employees to come in under budget. The smart and modern TravelBank app for businesses makes expenses more predictable by calculating how much company trips will cost. It also pays staff who underspend.

The frugality-encouraging application addresses the second largest controllable spending item for companies after payroll -- business travel and entertainment. Using real-time price analysis, the predictive expense app says how much workers should be spending, helps them file their expenses and provides cash rewards when they come in under. It's also easy to use; employees simply take pictures of their receipts and upload them to the app. TravelBank can also sync to financial software like QuickBooks.

The cash incentive is one way to foster a collective responsibility in organizations for budgeting.