These Evolution Bookends Show the Idea of Change Through Knowledge

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: doiydesign & fancy
What better way to show your own evolution from knuckle dragging caveman to learned Homo-sapien than with these Evolution Bookends.

In the Information Age, those with knowledge are considered to be the Alphas of society. These Evolution Bookends capture this sentiment perfectly as they depict the evolution of man, starting from his earliest incarnation and steadily gathering more and more knowledge until he evolves to today's modern man. The black metal bookend illustrates that mankind's greatest tool is his mind, and not rocks or fire. In order for us to survive in the world, we must keep it sharp by acquiring knowledge and understanding.

These Evolution Bookends will chart your own personal evolution as you better yourself and evolve your own understanding about the world around you through the power of reading.