The 'Ever Lose Your Cool' Infographic is Highly Relatable

 - Jul 13, 2012
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The 'Ever Lose Your Cool' Infographic provides an overview of what lineups irritate even the most patient patrons. Although the survey is focused on Australian citizens, you can certainly relate to the frustrations caused by a slow-moving queue.

So what is the most irritating lineup to wait in? Although you'd think the airport would ring in at number one, cashiers are the ones feeling the most evil eyes. If there is no other option but to wait it out, 42% of surveyed citizens play on their phones to cope with the line -- no wonder mobile games have soared in popularity. Many businesses such as banks are offering clients online services that help save time and money.

If you've caught yourself tapping your toes waiting for your turn, the Ever Lose Your Cool Infographic proves you likely aren't the only one.