The E-Velocipede Concept 1865 is a Modern Update of the First Bicycle

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: ding3000 & dezeen
Hipsters around the world will undoubtedly lose their minds over the E-Velocipede Concept 1865. This e-bike was inspired by the velocipede and was created by design studio Ding3000 and chemical company BASF. The bike is fully functional and serves as a modern update of an invention more than 150 years old. This design has an electric motor, located in the rear wheel, and pedals located on the hub of the front wheel.

The E-Velocipede Concept 1865 also features bearing-less pedals and LED lights, which are located on the frame near the wheels. In addition to its unique look, the velocipede is also noteworthy for its removable battery. This was done to discourage theft as the bike cannot be ridden without its battery pack. Unlike velocipedes from the past, the E-Velocipede Concept 1865 is lower to the ground and therefore, is safer to ride.