This Matchmaking App Provides a New Way to Evaluate Other Users

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: getsapio & betalist
'Sapio' is a new dating app that provides a unique way to evaluate other users. While there are numerous dating apps available to consumers, many of these platforms operate on the premise of physical attraction alone. Sapio goes beyond the physical side of dating to showcase a user's unique personality.

Sapio is similar to Tinder in that it uses a mutual opt-in system for enabling chats between users. Unlike Tinder, Sapio provides more ways to evaluate other users. The app plays on the idea of general curiosity to prompt users to get to know potential matches. The app uses a unique question and answer platform to help users discover someone's personality. The idea is to give people a tool for starting meaningful conversations.

Sapio provides a fresh take on matchmaking by giving users a simple way to move beyond the idea of physical attraction.