This Eternal Camera Uses Light and Solar Energy to Take Pictures Forever

 - May 5, 2016
References: popsci & bbc
The 'eternal camera' may not look like the most high-tech gadget, but is actually self-powering and has the capacity to take endless pictures without losing battery life -- a feat that is impossible for any smartphone or camera known today.

The camera can function eternally because it takes pictures to produce energy, using light to power its operating system. The camera's creators combined the "light-sensing capabilities of a camera with the power-converting properties that are seen in solar panels" in order to ensure that this device can take pictures forever if it needed to.

While the camera is currently made up of very few pixels and can only take grainy, black and white photos, it has the power to shoot films. In addition to its impressive design, the self-powering function of this camera can be used to lower the power consumption of other similar devices on the market.