The Etam Cru Collective Produces Brilliant Four-Story Murals in Poland

 - Jun 17, 2013
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The Etam Cru is a collective artistic movement in Poland that decorates buildings as tall as four stories with elaborate and colorful murals. These decorative additions are brilliantly rendered depictions of fantastical urban scenarios, often including crude details within their main bodies.

One of the most stunning creations by the Etam Cru shows two zombie-like faces straining against the confines of the wall onto which they're painted. One face is a bright green while the other is a vibrant purple. This color clash makes the mural even more eye-catching, while the faces' empty gazes and grotesquely stretched features make them almost inhuman.

Usually street artists work alone, decorating urban landscapes with personalized pieces while remaining anonymous. The Etam Cru, on the other hand, uses the talents of several different artists to provide different cities with true, urban art. By combining different artists' strengths, the Etam Cru has discovered an incredible way to remain versatile and unpredictable, while retaining a trademark style.