The Hamwell e-Shower Collects and Recycles Used Shower Water

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: hamwells & engadget
The e-Shower is a high-tech and eco-friendly showering solution constructed by a Dutch startup called Hamwells.

What's incredible about this showering system is the fact that it recycles water. Water that collects at the bottom of the shower tray is connected by the system which then filters it, warms it up to an acceptable temperature and pumps it out through the top system again. A single droplet of water can be recycled up to seven times before being discarded for good, with no more than 15 liters of fresh hot water added to each cycle.

Ultimately, this means the e-Shower can result in an 80 percent reduction in electricity use and 90 percent decrease in the amount of water used. Considering the current dearth of energy resources, the e-Shower could go a long way towards rethinking the way we shower so as to make things more eco-friendly.