Escentric Molecules Celebrates the Use of Lab-Created Scents

 - Apr 30, 2017
References: cultbeauty & cultbeauty
While many cosmetic brands would prefer to hide the fact that they use synthetic fragrances to create their signature scents, Escentric Molecules makes it the main selling point of its products.

The two newest unisex fragrances from the brand, Molecule 04 and Escentric 04, have been in the works for five years and include a synthetic fragrance molecule called "Javanol." In terms of scent, this "lab-derived alternative to sandalwood" is said to offer the same warmth as sandalwood sourced from nature, but without the "heaviness."

With the inclusion of Javanol, Molecule 04 is said to be fresh, mellow and woody, while Escentric 04 also includes Polysantol, which the brand describes as "a slightly sweeter sandalwood molecule."