Les Jeux Du Marquis' Erotic Shoes Will Help Liberate Taboos

The craze surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise has inspired housewives and girlfriends to be more liberated in their sexuality, and since having the proper attire to live out those fantasies is of great importance, finding the perfect erotic shoes are quintessential.

'Les Jeux Du Marquis' has released its first ever Erotic Shoes Collection featuring these leather-and-lace themed pumps, bringing to life a dark fantasy of lust and hunger to anyone who wears them, while also integrating sophistication into every shoe. The erotically designed heels aren't just confined to the quarters of one's bedroom, but they can also be worn outside as well. The pumps have detachable accessories that allows wearers to use their stilettos outside within the structures of modern society, making their fantasies of lust easier to achieve.