The Erik Johansson 'Mind Your Step' Installation is Treacherous

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: alltelleringet & theawesomer
The Erik Johansson 'Mind Your Step' installation skews perspective and makes any onlooker fear for their life. With a clever design, Johansson makes it appear as though one wrong step could send an unsuspecting walker down into a precipice.

To prove this point, an innocent walker dares to dance on the ledge of the design. Unfortunately, as he walks out to the edge, a few braver individuals decided to walk across the picture proving that the entire surface was flat with no perilous drop. Nevertheless, the Erik Johansson 'Mind Your Step' installation is a clever skew on perspective.

For anyone ever wanting to feel a sense of risk and adrenaline without actually jumping off a cliff, this Erik Johansson 'Mind Your Step' is the perfect solution.