The 'Balance of Communication' Concept

 - Nov 27, 2008
References: tuvie
Ergonomics take center stage with the ‘Balance’ cell phone concept. It seems to me that cell phones are built rather than designed, and the way they fit in your hand has taken second place to size and technology; get the buttons in, make lots of them and put them in the tiniest space possible.

The ‘Balance of Communication’ by Heikki Juvonen is just that; it has all the heavy parts of the phone placed in the area where the nicely sized keypad is. There is a ridge in the middle for you to securely hold the piece, above which the screen area narrows slightly, creating a lightweight upper section and allowing for a perfectly balanced form when held.

The shape of the ‘Balance’ handset is very futuristic and from the side perspective, almost reflects the shape of an athletic shoe.