Eon Mini is Like a Massage Therapist Under the Skin

 - Aug 13, 2009
References: sjmneuropro & gizmag
The Eon Mini is a medical advancement that looks to combat chronic pain in the spine that can be a debilitating condition at any moment throughout your day. There are proven tests that say small dosages of electrical pulses into the spine can alleviate that constant cringe.

The Eon Mini is a small device about the size of a dollar that is placed into the body (under the skin) around the lower abdomen/buttocks area. The Eon Mini (with electrical pulses) can disrupt the pain signal that your body tries to send to your brain.

The Eon Mini can cover up to 8 different areas of discomfort and its rechargeable batteries last up to 10 years. Life can be a lot more comfortable and adventurous.