Arrange the Endless Table by Wenchuman in a Variety of Long-Legged Ways

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: wenchuman & mocoloco
The Endless Table by Wenchuman is not your typical four-legged side stand. As a modular table, this furniture piece is actually fun to play with, With it, you can easily create new designs whenever you feel like redecorating your space.

Made up of interlocking wooden cubes, the chair has one leg for each of these individual square pieces. The designer's idea is that "every individual is interdependent with the rest," so each part must be assembled with at least two other ones. You can make it as big or small as you want, hence the name term "endless" in the title. The functional furniture would suit any of your space-saving or space-filling needs.

The Endless Table by Wenchuman can grow as big as your imagination wishes it to. With this many legs on the chair, you definitely wouldn't have to worry about stability.