Encrypted Flash Drive Only Lets You Access Files with the Right PIN

 - Feb 5, 2015
References: toshiba & gizmodo
With this encrypted flash drive, there would be no more of this "my data is your data" business. You won't have to fear that somebody at your office will snoop around your saved files and backups, because this handy gadget has a password for information protection.

Functional as a keychain, this USB stick has a keypad with the numbers 0 through 9 and the letters of the alphabet distributed between these 10 buttons. In order to render the tiny hard drive readable, the user must input the correct password. If you end up with anything on this Toshiba Encrypted Flash Drive that's better erased than read by the wrong eyes, you'll be interested in this one last feature: 10 failed login attempts will cause all of the files on it to be wiped.