Encontros by Arturo Alvarez is a Group of Sculptures About Vitality

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: ifema.es & contemporist
Currently on display at the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCOmadrid, Encontros by Arturo Alvarez is a captivating group of sculptures that appear lifelike and ominous, emitting soft light that is meant to demonstrate human energy and vitality.

Created using an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage, the sculptures take surreal human form, giving off the impression that they are looking out at the observer.

The group of Encontros by Arturo Alvarez were constructed from a purposefully plain and minimal design in order to create an unnerving peaceful experience for the observer. The netting of the Encontros figures is also an attempt of the artist to communicate the ways in which individuals within society often struggle to see outside of their own perspective.