Emotion Audio-Prosthesis From Panasonic

 - Jul 5, 2006   Updated: May 13 2011
References: cernicky & we-make-money-not-art
Don't worry, I don't fully get it yet either. Essentially, the commercial goal of the product is to provide a device that would help us to 'grasp the issue of the emotional deficits in society'. Then, instead of reacting the way we insinctively would, Panasonic could provide us with a set of alternate or recommended emotions... Hmmm.

Implications - Online forums and social media website have allowed people to show their true character without any repercussions. Different tech companies have decided to take advantage of this by producing digital instruments and apps that allow people to express themselves freely. The future of communication will have consumers interacting through electronics due to the never-ending command for more advanced tech products.