Emma Geary Renders Females with Dreamy Elf-Like Features

 - Apr 5, 2012
References: facebook & artforadults.tumblr
There’s nothing cuter than a girl with doe-eyes and a pixie nose, which is why artist Emma Geary renders nearly all of her female subjects with those two features. And though Geary is known for illustrating adorable girls with similar facial attributes, it’s amazing how many varied portraits she can produce while adhering to her signature style guidelines.

For instance, her series ‘Dream Catcher’ has subjects making seductive bedroom eyes while posing in surreal costumes that are neon-colored. The series overall invokes a very dreamlike atmosphere. In contrast, Geary’s series ‘She’s Fair Game’ features dark color palettes with females making intimidating, almost condescending expressions with their faces. Emma Geary’s willingness to experiment with concepts is what ultimately makes her art that much more fascinating than other artists who are technically superior, but are entirely dull in the idea department.