The 'Senik' Emergency Fire Extinguisher is Easy to Pick Up and Use

 - Nov 11, 2016
References: yankodesign
In the event of a fire there's little time to be reading instructions, so the 'Senik' emergency fire extinguisher is intended to be a unit that can be picked up and used immediately. Designed by Sailee Adhao, the 'Senik' extinguisher simply requires that the yellow notch be removed from the unit in order to activate it for use. From here, the pressurized mixture of water, nitrogen and CO2 blast out in the form of a fine mist in order to effectively extinguish the fire as soon as possible.

The 'Senik' emergency fire extinguisher is designed with a refillable aesthetic that enables it to be refilled after use rather than discarded. This makes it a more versatile piece of equipment for modern workplaces, homes and beyond.