The Embarakiya Floor Lamp Turns On with a Shake of Its Hand

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: alhamaddesign & ohgizmo
The Embarakiya Floor Lamp may appear to be part of an art installation or something to that effect, but it has been created as an actual light fixture for the home, office or any other space that require illumination. Undeniably creepy, it is essentially a mannequin that has had its head replaced with a light bulb and lampshade.

Designed by Al-Hamad Design, the Embarakiya Floor Lamp is dressed in a traditional Kuwaiti wardrobe. The lampshade itself has been made out of the fabric used for the accompanying headdress. Extending the creepy look to function, the Embarakiya Floor Lamp turns on by shaking the mannequin's hand. It also boasts three dimmer settings and a speaker in the torso.