This Email Notification Bell Becomes a More Authentic Alert

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: instructables & blog.makezine
Computer programs offer a range of audio alerts for receiving all sorts of messages from people or the software itself, but this Email Notification Bell creates a sound even when your machine is set to mute.

Instructables user Meseta has come up with a clever DIY experiment that will challenge the handyman and electrician within you. Upon acquiring a regular counter bell, the crafter must be prepared to do a bit of soldering to incorporate wire, a transistor, a resistor, a capacitor, a diode and a forebrain to assemble the electromagnetic mechanism from scratch. Despite the complexity that this project seems to suggest, the author promises that making this microcontroller is quite simple. Once complete, the Email Notification Bell can be plugged into your PC by USB and programmed to ding each time an email is received.