The ELS Magnetic Acrylic Smart Lamp is an Intelligent Gadget

 - Jul 28, 2009
References: yankodesign
In the mood for love? Planning on doing a photoshoot? Tripping the light fantastic? Well look no further than the ELS-Magnetic!

This acrylic smart LED lamp is designed to conform to your every whim. Just by touching one of two special zones on its surface, you can change the lighting from white light to a warmer tone, from clean to psychedelic.

The lamp, which sits on a magnetic base (hence the name), comes with software so you can change its lighting modes. And, check this out: it's a hands-free transfer device, that doesn't need plugging into a PC. Simply play generated sound files (with an MP#3player) near your lamp to make the mode changes!

Now that's what I call smart.