- Jan 30, 2010   Updated: Apr 4 2011
Precision is at a premium these days. With new products being faster, sleeker and more technologically enhanced, it only makes sense that lasers are being used to provide an aesthetic which keeps up with the impressive capabilities of even our most ordinary items.

From hole punch rugs to origami tables, check out the 14 laser etched and laser cut innovations.

Implications - The advancement of a technology like laser-cutting opens up the door for a multitude of new design possibilities, so it's no surprise to see how various designers and companies have made the most of this unique method of precision sculpting. By turning what would otherwise be a straightforward methodology into a means to create incredibly intricate designs, these innovations represent the potential that new technologies have to turn familiar items like furniture and artwork into mindblowing new products.

From Hole Punch Rugs to Laser-Etched Ladies: