The Elle Swimming Suit Enables Amputees to Compete and Swim Meets

 - Sep 26, 2014
References: & yankodesign
Aquatic sports are fun and effective means of exercise that can be made a great deal more accessible with inventions like the Elle prosthetic leg. Designed by Della Tosin, this piece of equipment would enable people with one or two amputated legs to participate in swimming for pleasure and competition alike.

A vacuum socket facilitates a functional and comfortable way to wear the prosthesis, which is enhanced by the donning of a supportive wetsuit. The piece itself would be made from polyurethane and woven elastane-nylon; together, the composition would repel water and control buoyancy. A chamber inside can be adjusted to suit the weight of the wearer, preventing the Elle prosthetic leg from floating or sinking. Conceived with interchangeable flippers, the swimmer can customize and optimize his aquatic experience.