Elizaveta Porodina Creates an Eerie Marilyn Monroe Photo Shoot

 - Sep 5, 2013
References: porodina.net
Saturated colors, blurry photographs, and Marilyn Monroe-inspired makeup and hair make for a striking photo shoot. Within her photo shoot, Elizaveta Porodina uses both light and color in order to emphasize shadows and facial expressions in her series titled 'Marilyn X.'

In one photo, a tall figure stands glaring at the camera with her shadow behind her. Bright pinks, blues and reds add a bold effect to the photo while drawing attention to the light and shadows. The photos are highly saturated with a slow shutter speed in order to create a blurred effect. The environment is also used within the photos where long grass and sticks juxtapose the long dresses the model wears.

Overall the saturation, use of color, slow shutter speed and the use of light and shadow make every photo a true work of art and talent. Every picture draws you in and allows you to create a story behind each and every one.