The ElectRx Project Seeks to Improve Self-Healing Capacity

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: & gizmag
The ElectRx electrical prescriptions program is a new initiative being carried out by DARPA as it seeks to better understand and examine health on a minute, nano scale. DARPA plans to use the technology to tap into the incredible ability of the human body to correct problems and initiate self-healing.

DARPA is spending as much as $78.9 million on a project that looks to have a lot of interesting implications for battlefield medical care. Oftentimes, soldiers suffer spinal injuries that then lead to an inflammatory response, the management of which makes a big difference to their recovery. This system would help to make that healing process more efficient.

Ultimately, while ElectRx is being developed by a military research organization, the technology could certainly have benefits for the wider public as well.