These Fiat Ads Show Off the Necessity of an Electronic Braking System

 - May 26, 2014
References: fiat & adsoftheworld
These funny Fiat ads set up scenarios that could go horribly, terribly wrong if drivers do not make use of the electronic braking system in the car.

The three-part print ads are set up with two shops on a street, plus a driver that intends to make a stop at the one nearest them. For example, a guy with a trunk full of guns is headed towards a shooting range, but if he keeps going, there could be an awful situation that goes down at a bank. Similarly, there's a woman in her nurse uniform headed to work at a hospital and things could also go very, very wrong if she keeps going and stops at the strip club next door instead.

The Fiat ads by the Y&R agency in Colombia are simple, straightforward and make for fun situations to imagine play out.