The Acton M Scooter is a Carry-On and Fully Collapsible E-Scooter

 - Dec 8, 2013
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
Los Angeles-based designer Peter Treadway has created a collection of foldable sitting and standing electric scooters that are able to assist you in riding leisurely, or when you're commuting or even at work!

The entire Acton M Scooter is foldable and is about 50% less of its regular weight. The inspiration for the foldable scooter came from one of Treadway's own products, Rocket Skates, where customers requested a compact and portable device that they could use interchangeably standing or sitting. Treadway's philosophy in building the scooter was that he wanted to cover that last mile from the train station to work, or from the supermarket to going back home. It's efficient and can be easily folded up by your desk and best of all, you can choose to either sit or stand!