Electric Ecology by Ruth Whiting is Eerily Beautiful

 - Feb 28, 2014
References: windfiredesigns & boingboing.net
Artist Ruth Whiting's beautiful series of paintings entitled Electric Ecology depicts an imagined afterlife for the countless pieces of technology we throw away on a daily basis.

It can sometimes seem that the obsolescences of our technology keeps occurring at a faster and faster rate. Landfills are piling up with our now discarded electronic waste and becoming a sort of makeshift graveyard. Electric Ecology examines what happens after. Ruth Whiting's afterlife imagines our discarded cables being transformed as plantlike items, growing out of the ground and serving a new purpose.

As bizarre as it is to see an afterlife for technological items as depicted in Electric Ecology, the beautiful and serene afterlife that Ruth Whiting has created for our cables will make me feel less bad the next time I go to throw one out.