Elastic Band Packaging Suggests the Contents' Strength

 - Jul 3, 2011
References: lovelypackage
In attempt to demonstrate the quality of a product when dressing if for the shop shelf, most designers will simply incorporate a window into the box. Elastic Band packaging, however, takes an unconventionally and utterly clever approach to wrapping up these particular items.

Student Ric Bixter of the UK was instructed to reinvent in the image of a bland and boring brand identity, and these packages of 'One Hundred Premium Quality' elastic bands became his project. A set of three boxes hold the different three types of rubber band, including Light, Regular and strong, each with lengthy descriptive names.

What makes these cartons so unique is that each has been cinched in the middle to different degrees. The Extremely Thin compress the box the least, where the Exceptionally Forceful Elastic Band packaging gives the box a tight hourglass shape.