eGO Emergency Battery

 - Nov 11, 2007
References: e2golimited
If you own one of the world's 1.7 billion mobile phones, then it's a surety that at some point you will find yourself with a dying phone battery, and no means to recharge it. Enter the eGO Emergency Mobile Phone Battery. The small, portable battery fits easily in your purse or car glove compartment for the quick charge on the go.

"All eGO batteries are fitted with a standard Nokia adaptor," e2GoLimited said. "To employ the eGO simply plug it in to the AC socket on the phone when it is signaling low battery. For other brands of phones, simply plug the relevant adapter into the eGO adapter and then into the cell phone. eGO is designed to boost your mobile phones power when mains charging is not available. It is not designed to fully charge a phone. eGO batteries provide up to 8 hours talk time and 60 hours standby. Each 45 minute charge will provide approximately 30 minutes talk time and 120 minutes standby time."

It is a self explanatory device that will become as indispensable in today's world as the mobile phone itself.