The E-Fan is a Compact & Energy-Efficient Electric Aircraft

 - May 14, 2014
References: airbus-group & gizmag
The E-Fan is an experimental electric trainer airplane developed by Airbus to demonstrate electric aircraft technology. The plane is also being used as the starting point for the development of a pair of electric training aircraft

The E-Fan is only 6.7 meters long and has a wingspan of 9.5 meters, and is built with an all-composite construction. It is equipped with two ducted, variable pitch fans that are spun by two electric motors with a combined power of 60 Kilowatts. The ducting increases the engine thrust while reducing noise.

The E-Fan features an energy management system that automatically controls electrical systems, easing the workload of flight instructors and students. 

Airbus plans to eventually produce two market versions of the aircraft, the two-seater battery-powered E-Fan 2.0 and the four-seater hybrid E-Fan 4.0.