Edmar Cisneros Highlights 11 Steps to Expert Fantasy Art

From simple stock images to wild inventive fantasy artwork, pieces by Edmar Cisneros involve imaginative power and serious digital savyy. The best thing about Edmar Cisneros is that he shows you how to be a similarly exceptional photo manipulator.

In this particular tutorial, Edmar Cisneros toys with an ordinary image of a girl posing on a dark, layered floor through combining photo manipulation with painting techniques to create superb fantasy art. By using Photoshop, Edmar Cisneros' illustrative techniques can now be done with ease after following his 11 Steps to expert fantasy photomanipulation.

If you’re keen to learn how this technique was performed, see Edmar Cisneros tutorial on Falling Fantasy Photomanipulation . You’ll learn how to extract, preserve, manipulate and recreate images from flowing hair to twirling vines.