This Infograph for Would-Be Editorial Intern Jobs is a Great Help

A resume is integral for individuals, especially if they want to be a social media, advertising or editorial intern. Innovation has become a staple in the workforce environment, but it's a known fact that most job applicants aren't even taking the necessary small strides to book an interview.

The 'Anatomy Of A Great Resume' infographic showcases the many aspects of what a stand-out resume is. One out of four HR managers receives an average of 50 resumes for one job posting -- competition is fierce, so you'll have to offer them something other applicants won't have. Details such as spelling, experience and key word phrases are crucial for optimizing your chances to get noticed for that coveted social media or editorial intern job. The creation of resumes shouldn't be confined to one general societal standard; individuals should provide prospective employers a means to differentiate them from the rest of the crowd.