These Single-Use Utensils are Completely Edible

 - Mar 29, 2016
References: bakeys & treehugger
Bakey's is an Indian startup that makes edible cutlery out of various flours. One of the problems with single-use utensils is that such products result in a great deal of waste. Now there is a waste-free alternative that provides a more sustainable option when it comes to disposable cutlery.

The edible cutlery from Bakey's is made from nothing but different types of flours that have been kneaded with water and then finished with sorghum. The flatwear is completely natural and free from any chemicals or preservatives. If consumers do not eat the utensils after they finish their meal, the spoons will naturally decompose in three to seven days.

In order to make the utensils appropriate for a wide variety of to-go foods, the spoons come in sweet, savory and plain varieties. They can even be made with gluten-free flour or specific spices if requested.