EDAG's Concept Car Can Be Constructed By 3D-Printers

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: edag.de & dailymail
German automotive design firm EDAG has unveiled a futuristic car concept that it believes can one day become a reality. The concept car's build is inspired by the structure of a turtle, so that the inside is cushioned from outdoor elements while the outside is hard as armor -- just like a turtle's shell. To achieve this, EDAG envisions the liberal use of carbon fibers to provide the necessary strength and durability.

EDAG believes that a process called 'additive manufacturing' -- essentially large-scale 3D-printing -- will one day make it possible for its dreamy design to come to life.

However, they're also quick to point out that the concept is at least a decade away from being realized. However, production of the required components is feasible.

The company also claims that this concept and others inspired by natural structures can only be built using 3D printers.