The 'American Homeowners' Love/Hate Relationship with the HOA' Graph

 - Nov 20, 2011
References: creditsesame
The 'American Homeowners' Love/Hate Relationship with the HOA' graph is revealing.

The relationship with this association for many homeowners is not always the best. Especially when you live in a town home or condo. If you live in one, then you are more than familiar with the catch 22 situation. Your lawn isn't always your lawn, or your neighbors lawn — or anyone's lawn if it happens to connect with the street. Who's going to take care of the maintenance? While many would like to believe in an alternate universe, where neighbors in a condominium community would spend their Saturday afternoons mowing the lawn, raking leaves, and tending to the communal Peter Rabbit garden together, the reality is there isn't a chance of that ever occurring outside the movie set of 'Pleasantville.'

While Homeowners Associations (HOAs) provide benefits to their communities: build community with potlucks, maintain certain amenities, common areas, and pool/hot tub ensembles from disrepair, there are many things they do to stifle living conditions. These strict rules and increasing fees (they never go down) are enough to make anyone blow a fuse. Why do American homeowners have a love/hate relationship with their HOAs? Read the 'American Homeowners' Love/Hate Relationship with the HOA' infographic to see the money it costs them, and the ridiculous rules and regulations they have to abide by.