The Organic London Skyscraper Grows Out of Recycled Waste

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: chartier-corbasson.tumblr & gizmag
As far as eco-friendly skyscrapers go, the Organic London Skyscraper is a concept that might have them all beat. It essentially grows in height over time based on the recycled materials of the residents. Discarded paper and plastic would be used to create panels for its continued construction, making the process quite innovative and unique.

Designed by Chartier-Corbasson, the eco-friendly skyscraper will collect and sort the waste materials within the building to cut down costs and make cash-flow more manageable. Since the eco-friendly skyscraper relies on its residents, the quicker vacant spots are snatched up, the faster the building grows to its full potential. Self-regulating, the structure itself is quite captivating. It is inspired by the bamboo scaffolding used in Asia.