PocoWool are Stylish Eco-Friendly iPad Cases

 - Feb 3, 2013
References: kickstarter
PocoWool are eco-Friendly iPad cases made exclusively for the eco-conscious tech-lovers out there.

Aside from the design being simple yet stylish, it can also stand your iPad upright at multiple angels. The materials used are made from a soft felt wool and high-grade leather materials, which is where the eco-friendly aspect comes in. You will not only be assured that you are buying a durable case but the chosen materials means that it does not involve any use of heavy plastics or rubber, which then avoids the use of high-tech, carbon pollution processing plants. The case is also feather light, which means that it won't add any unnecessary bulk when carrying your tablet around.

Don't waste your money on less environmentally friendly options when there are Pocowool eco-friendly iPad cases available.