The Eco-Socket is Designed to Vanquish Energy Vampires

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: liteonaward & yankodesign
The Eco-Socket is a simple design that seeks to eliminate vampiric appliances. Energy vampires are appliances that suck electricity when not in use. The simple way to kill an energy vampire is to simply unplug the appliance or device when you aren't using it.

While it seems simple to unplug things such as a toaster or a cellphone charger, it can become a hassle. That's where the Eco-Socket comes in. This redesigned wall socket automatically detects when a device is using less power (such as when it's fully charged) and then pops out to stop the flow of electricity and save energy. The Eco-Socket would be great for folks who would like to trim their energy bill, but don't have the time to unplug every single item in their house.