'Plastics Make It Possible' Swaps Bottles for Shirts

During New York Fashion Week, the ‘Plastics Make It Possible’ campaign gave eco-friendliness and eco-conscious fashion a fresh new name as passersby were able to swap in plastic bottles for an Allison Parris-designed t-shirt, also made out of recycled plastic bottles. Intended to highlight the growing role of recycled materials in the garment industry, the large orange and green vending machine was placed with Parris’ original limited-edition designs inside.

The campaign, an American Chemistry Council (ACC) initiative that ran from September 9 to 11, hoped to get people thinking about how recycled materials can still be chic and trendy but also eco-friendly. The material for the original shirts by Parris were made out of plastic bottles that were first cleaned, melted and stretched into a fine thread, which was then woven into a soft fabric.