The Shredded Paper and Pulp Chairs Showcase Ecovation

 - Jan 27, 2009
References: dwell & erayo
The Shredded Paper Chair is eye-catching, with layers of fine-cut colorful paper and carefree flow; the simplicity of its materials comes in contrast with the complexity of the joyful end result, created by the architect/designer Charles Kaisin from Brussels.

Equally forward-looking and eco-minded are the designers of the Pulp Chair, a product designed and made entirely out of packaging materials – all recyclable, of course.

The smooth pick: 500 meters of paper and some twisty imagination later lea to the smooth Paper Loop Chair--perfect for the ultra-modern living room.

And reporting back to the Bouquet Chair trend, the concept of the fluffy chair was developed out of an eco-prototype, which boasted 30,000 sheets of tissue paper, resembling faux suede.

Nothing left to say, really, than to watch out for those paper cuts!

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