Easy Eye Drops Involves a Simpler Process and Infection Prevention

 - Aug 5, 2012
References: idsa.org & yankodesign
Until you've got the application down to a series of smooth subconscious motions, taking ocular medication can be quite fussy. Easy Eye Drops is a concept applicator that simplifies the process greatly, even to the point where you only require one hand to do the job.

A single capsule, about the size of a chunky thumbdrive, contains the reservoir of fluid, the eye dropper and a pair of spreadable fins that can be used to widen your eyelids. You'd no longer even need your less dominant hand to help expose more eyeball.

Ilmo Ahn's Easy Eye Drops requires you to take a horizontal position so that the applicator is pointed straight down over your lens. An easy release and the liquid is optimally dispensed right in the center.